Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography previously played a major part of the ilovebabyswimming program and over 1 million images have been taken by us.

Not only is it a lovely keepsake of your time swimming, but it also shows the development of your little own as they grow through our amazing warm water classes.

So how does it work?

During your existing term we'll issue you with a special booking link to attend a photography session with our sister company, Blue Lagoon in Eastbourne. This link will contain a unique code which you can use to choose your free underwater session.

After your session photos are uploaded to a digital password protected gallery where they can be viewed and downloaded, albeit in their RAW state and lower resolution. 

These images are intended for sharing only, but if you would like to get some artwork or be able to print them, they offer a full comprehensive digital retouching and colour correcting service for £49 for up to 10 images.

Important note regarding photography.

If you are planning to sign up to an ilovebabyswimming course JUST FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, we recommend you don't. We are primarily a Baby Swimming school and in some cases photography simply may not work. 

For the later levels (STArfish 6 - STAnley 3) we recommend that you DO NOT attend a photography session during this learning period. Little ones become more self aware and have strong wills and may not enjoy underwater photography sessions and as such attending a photography session may be detrimental to their swimming progress. Don't worry - as they start to move forwards past this period they tend to REALLY love photos and you get some spectacular images, usually with them smiling underwater ! 

Please also be aware that none of your fee goes towards our photography sessions and as such we do not provide refunds, make up classes or carry over sessions in relation to underwater photography.