Summer 2016 Trial Classes at our pool in LEWES

Our Summer Trial Classes are held at our fabulous warm water pool in LEWES. There held most days throughout the summer school break and you can sign up to as many trial classes as you like for just £10 each !

Summer Trials are great if you just want to try one of our amazing baby, toddler or child swimming classes as a one off or if you are currently attending another swim school you can come and have a top up class as a one off with one of our highly experienced expert teachers !

All our summer trial classes cost just £10 for a half an hour small group class, but it doesnt stop there. Not only will we show you some amazing exercises to do with your little one, but we will give you a voucher for a FREE OPEN SWIM worth £10 so you can practice the skills we have taught you at our pool !

We have split our trial classes into 5 age groups :

0 - 6 months old

6 - 12 months old

12 - 18 months old

18 - 24 months old

2 -3 years old

3 - 4 years old

So get booking today and remember we are the only UK swim school we know of that allows both parents in the pool and photography in our classes (see our Terms & Conditions section about photography rules). We would LOVE to see you.

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