All of our May term classes are due to start the week commencing the 28th of May and will run for 6 weeks! 

Key To Classes


Baby Swimming Classes - Blue & Pink (Pink Level 1)


Level 1 - Introductory Level for babies upto 1 year old - no previous expereince. Suitable from birth.

Level 2 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 6 weeks with at least 3 dips per 1/2 hour

Level 3 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 12 weeks and including multiple dips

Level 4 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 18 weeks, including multiple dips and turns

Level 5 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 24 weeks,including multiple dips and belly flops

Level 6 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 30 weeks,including multiple dips, belly flops and assisted diving

Level 7/8/9/10 - For babies who have been swimming for at least 36 weeks,including multiple dips, belly flops and assisted diving but NOT ready to progress to the Stanley Award Scheme


* Mixed Ability Classes.

From time to time we do run some mixed ability classes i.e. Level 1-2 or 2-3. We ONLY ever work at babies pace so babies so babies can join a mixed class if subject to the above level competencies.

A mixed class only spans 1 level i.e. 2-3, 3-4 and never more than 2 levels i.e level 1-3, 2-4


A mixed level class is useful if you feel your baby is very comfortable in water and will progress quickly through our program. Confident babies tend to catch up very quickly so a mixed level class may be perfect. 


Our Level 1 classes are suitable from birth up to a year old. You are physically in the water for 30 minutes but you will need to book out a good 1 hour of your time for changing before and after class. Please note that little one may be hungry and tired after class so you may want to try and squeeze some food into them before their after swim nap. A good time to swim is just after a nap and a little feed and don't worry about feeding too much as they won't be doing lengths at this stage.


If you are missing a class for one or two of the weeks, if we know in advance we will always try and make thse classes up for you where possible. Just let us know in the "add notes" part when you checkout.


These courses include our free professional underwater photography and/or filming with nothing extra to pay for your digital files. Most other swim schools charge £150+ for this alone!


If you can fill a class of 7 please do look at our deals section as we do offer great group discounts for your first term with us. 


If you are one of the many hundreds of people looking for Brighton and keep missing out when a space does pop up online please do consider our pool in LEWES. We have over 100 mummies travel from Brighton/Hove/Portslade/Shoreham and even Worthing each week to this great pool as it not only has free parking, is quicker to get to than driving into Brighton town centre but also has an onsite little coffee shop when you can feed before and after class with a nice latte and a slice of home made carrot cake. Its a little more expensive than our other classes but its definitely worth it with its 34 degree water and there is no need to rush off after class - you can just enjoy your experience in all its glory :)

Toddler Classes - Green (working towards the following competencies)


Stanley 1 -   For Toddlers who can identify the teacher, enter the water safely, splash feet at water’s surface while supported by wall/ woggle/adult and then return to a standing position, Walk forwards, backwards and sideways through the water unaided for 5 metres, move through the water on the front for 2 metres, turn around and move back to start position, move through the water for 2 metres on the back, roll to regain feet, blow a small object across the pool for 2 metres, travel under a woggle bridge and through a shower created by a watering can, push and glide on the front and exit the pool safely.

Stanley 2 - For Toddlers who can show an understanding of poolside safety, enter the water safely from the poolside, blow bubbles into the water, with mouth or nose and mouth submerged, move through the water for 2 metres on the front while blowing bubbles, return to an upright/standing position, move through the water for 2 metres on the back using an alternating leg action, ears in water and return to an upright/standing position, perform a star floating position on front or back, use front paddle action to move a ball across the pool, push and glide on the back, roll from front to back, looking at the ceiling,and climb out of the pool safely

Stanley 3 - For Toddlers who can  answer a question on poolside safety rules, enter the water from poolside, move forward 1 metre, then return and exit the pool unassisted, blow bubbles into the water with face submerged, perform a star float while on the back and regain the feet, move through the water while on the back, using an alternating leg action for 5 metres, move through the water 5 metres on the front, using front paddle action, complete a 360° turntable with feet off the pool floor, roll from back to front and return onto the back, jump or step into the water from poolside with hand support from a swimming teacher or assistant and show treading water action with legs on woggle – (seahorses)

Stanley 4 - For Toddlers who can answer 2 questions on poolside safety, swim 5 metres of front paddle, roll onto back and swim 5 metres on the back, bob up and down, submerging the face 4 times, exhaling underwater, pick up an object from below the water surface, perform 2 float positions, which may be in a sequence and performed on the front or the back, push and glide on back, tuck and roll forward to return to poolside, tread water, using arms and legs, attempt a circular action of either arms or legs, jump or step into pool safely unaided and climb out of pool safely unaided

Stanley 5 - 7 - Please message us for a free trial for these advanced toddler classes.

Angel Fish 1 - Working towards : Swim 10m front crawl, 20 meters back crawl. Tread water for 30 seconds. Push and glide into a forward roll.


Angel Fish 3 -  Working towards : Straddle entry with T shirt & tread water 30 seconds. Swim 25 meters back and front stroke. 5 meters butterfly. Push glide into handstand and perform a correct sitting dive.


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