New to Baby Swimming?

Taking baby swimming for the first time can be a daunting experience. What do they wear? Which pool to choose? What if they don't like it? How long should they be in the water? 

Well we here at ilovebabyswimming have got you covered.

Baby Swimming is one the most wonderful things you can do with little one. Not only does it strengthen the bond between you but also its fun, exciting and starts you on the path to an active lifestyle.

Classes are an excellent place to start but you need to choose the right ones as there are soooo many to choose from.


You can choose one of the big names or you can choose a small local independent swim school like us and if your visiting us here you hopefully have heard of us through a friend or a family member. 

What sets us apart is the fact that we really care. We work hard to give you an amazing experience, but also one that you will remember forever. In fact most of our teachers have been through the process themselves with their own children.

The little extras we are able to offer that others don't like FREE underwater photography, make up classes and HUGE sibling discounts make us even more affordable and we pass on the saving we make by being independent straight to you.

So come join us and start your Baby Swimming adventure TODAY !