Frequently asked questions

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

If you now which level you are looking for simply visit our sign up page and choose your location. The first step is to choose your level from the drop down box and then a selection of times will be come available. If the times displayed are not suitable just choose another day or location. If you dont know what level you need to book for use our Class Finder which will suggest a level in relation to age. You can then check the requirements to join on our dedicated levels page to ensure you have the correct level.

How to your Group Discounts work?

We offer fantastic discounts if you sign up with friends and family or if you can fill a class of 6. For friends and family you need to sign up as a group of 3 and you can either do this by one person signing up for everyone and you'll get a £10 off each person or if you would like to sign up individually simply send us an email with the day/time and location you want, along with the email addresses of everyone who will be signing up and we'll send you all a personalised sign up link along with a VOUCHER CODE for your £10 discount. If you would like to sign up as a group and can fill a class of 6 then once again simply choose a day/time/location and send us a list of email addresses of the people who will be signing up. For groups of 6 or more we offer 1 free place, this means for a group of 6 in Lewes, everyone will get a voucher for £15 off our usual fees. For private groups we may be able to create a class outside of the availability we have on screen, in which case just pop us an email and we'll let you know whats available.

I cant find a suitable class. What should I do?

Classes become available all the time so check back regulary. A great place to start is our Facebook page as we post all new classes as well as any offers and promotions there first. We dont SPAM post and only create information that people may find interesting so you promiose not to clog your feed with products and information that you don't want to see.

How old does my baby need to be before signing up?

You can sign up from birth with the youngest we have seen being just a few days old. The average age people tend to sign up to a class is around the 12 -16 weeks. It's never too late to take your baby swimming though and we accept babies and children of all ages. See our Class Finder to find your perfect class.

Does my baby need to have completed their innoculations?

No not at all. You can sign up with or without innoculations and from any age. The NHS immunuisations website here gives you more info on swimming before and after innoculations : If you baby has had a jab that day you may not want to swim with them as they cn be a little grumpy but there is no reason at all not to swim without innoculations.

Do you have a waiting list?

We dont. If we did it would be HUGE ! We are one of the most affordable swim schools and with the little extras we offer such as free underwater photography it seems everyone wants to sign up. We regulary update our website and facebook page with all new classes so check back frequently if you cant find a suitable class.

Im coming from a different swim school, what should I do?

We accept children from all swim schools and if you are in one of the later STAnley levels we may be able to offer a free trial class. Unfortunately we dont offer free trials for our STArfish levels. If your unsure what level you should sign up to please visit our CLASS FINDER page to find your perfect class.

Underwater Photography

How does your underwater photography work?

Currently due to COVID our underwater photography sessions are paused, but from MAY 2021 we are pleased to restart these at our sister pool in Eastbourne. During your existing term we'll issue you with a special booking link to attend a photography session with our sister company, Blue Lagoon in Eastbourne. This link will contain a unique code which you can use to choose your free underwater session. After your session photos are uploaded to a digital password protected gallery where they can be viewed and downloaded, albeit in their RAW state and lower resolution. These images are intended for sharing only, but if you would like to get some artwork or be able to print them, they offer a full comprehensive digital retouching and colour correcting service for £49 for up to 10 images. These sessions are done in small groups and after your session images will be available to view and download for free within 7 days.

Is it REALLY free?

Yes your session is absolutely free and you'll be able to download your lower resolution images for free too. If you would like to print your images we recommend you choose the digital retouching service which costs £49 for up to 10 images.

Do I get free images?

Yes. You can download your RAW, lower resolution images for free but these will be watermarked. We do make a charge of £49 for your edited, colour corrected images.

Can my second child come?

If your second child or sibling is on a course with us you can both sign up to the same session and we'll try and get some amazing shots together. Unfortunately we cant take individual photos of a child thats not swimming with us.

Can my partner come too?

Yes of course. There are some fabulous family shots we can do together so please do bring them along !

What should we wear? Can I dress my baby up?

Yes. For special occasions including Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Birthdays you can bring any costume you like. We have seen Superman outfits, Fairy Wings, Dresses, Tinsel, Christmas hats and much more.

Do you do prints and artwork?

Yes. Our prosessional lab can produce you some stunning prints and artywork from as little as £10.

Can I have my images retouched?

Yes. Our lab offers a digital enhancement of your images which we recommend prior to printing. They will also endeavour to remove the teacher where possible if they are in the shot. In some circumstances where the teacher and baby cross over or little one is still being held, removal may either be impossible or be classed as a "Pro Retouch" which may require additiobnal processing. Our lab charges £30ph for Pro Retouches and most images take around 1 hour for a difficult retouch where teacher/you and baby cross.

I cant make any of the sessions or I've missed a photography session what should I do?

If you cant make any of the sessions this term dont worry, we offer a free Underwater Photography each and every term. If you are not signing up to a corresponding term however, unfortunately we cannot carry over a photography session and you will miss out. As Underwater Photography is NOT included in your course fee we do not offer any refunds or make up sessions for our Underwater Photography sessions.

Terms & Conditions

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Please choose you class carefully. We allow complete flexibility to change levels, days and times subject to availability. With regards to cancellations, if you cancel your course WITHIN 72 hours there is a 50% cancellaton fee as its highly unlikely we can fill your place. Cancellatons upto 72 hours will receive a full refund. If you cancel AFTER the start of your course we regretably cannot offer any refunds, transfers or credits under any circumstances. In extreme circumstances such as severe illness, hospilisation or other unavoidable events we may consider a credit note which can be used towards a future course and we reserve the right to request evidence of such an event.

Carrying over make up classes.

We offer 1 free make up class each term subject to availability. This may mean you will need to attend twice during one week and/or a different level. If you are signing up to a corresponding term this make up class may be carried over free of charge. Make up classes cannot be carried over for more than 2 terms. Please note we do not provide refunds for missed classes under any circumstances even if a cancellation if made by ourselves. Cancellations by us are extremely rare, but should these occur we always will offer an alternative class. We respectfully ask us that you do not request a refund of a class or a deduction of your next terms fees should you be signing up as this request will always be denied. In extreme circumstances such as sever illness (i,e hospitilisation) or other unforseen emergencies we may consider a credit note for missed classes.

Underwater Photography Terms.

Please be aware that we are primarily a Baby/Child swim school and none of your fee goes towards our Underwater Photography sessions. Our photographers do these sessions for free and send you images also for free. In order to do this for free they do offer limited availability and that any paid work for them takes priority. It is rare but late notice cancellations may take place. Also in the highly unlikely event that the equipment fails or a photographer is unable to attend that term, we will not provide refunds or make up photography sessions. In this case you may need to pay for an attend an additional term in order to get underwater photos. To put this into perspective this has only haoppened twice in 6 years due to flooding of their underwater camera.

Class Details

I'm missing a class, what should I do?

Not a problem at all. Just log in to your account and send a request for a make up class. We do ask that in order to qualify for a FREE make up class you let us know at least 2 hours before your class is due to take place that you'll be missing it. This helps us not only keep our registers up to date but also should the need arrise be able to swap this session with someone elase who may need a make up class.

My baby isnt enjoying it. Can I cancel and have a refund?

It is extremely rare that little ones do not enjoy swimming. Sometimes for a new baby it may take a few sessions for them to fully acclimatise to this new surroundings in which case we ask that you perservere. Please do talk with your instructor if you are concerned at any point andthey will usually recommend some bathtime activities which you can do which really does help and in more extreme cases we may be able to book you in for some free confidence building sessions. Unfortunately once the course has started as per our terms we are not able to offer any refunds or transfers for cancellations or missecd classes.

I'm loving swimming so much, please can I come twice a week?

Absolutely. You get 33% off additional classes - just send us a message and we'll find you a suitable extra session.

Do you offer Certificates?

Yes we do. Just log into your account and send a certificate request. Please note you will need to have completed the compenticies for that level in order to qualify for a certificate. Certificates and badges are £3.95.

Can I change day/time/location?

Sure. We offer free changes where we have a space. This means if you need to change your day, time or location you can do so at any time. Please contact us and request a change, letting us know which time, day or location you would prefer. Please note not all of our classes are viewable online so by contacting us we can let you know more options.

Im going back to work next term but want to continue. What should I do?

We can help. Firstly you may wish to email in at the start of term to see what classes are available, after which when you received your RENEWAL notification at week 3 of term you can then request to be renewed into an alternative class. Sometimes a space may not be available so you may need to wait until after the renewal process has completed (at week 5) after which we release spaces to the public.


Where do you run your classes?

We currently run our amazing classes in LEWES, RIPE, SEAFORD, BRIGHTON and at our sister pool in EASTBOURNE (

What chemicals do you use in the pool?

All of our pools are highly maintained and use a combination of chlorine, acid and UV to maintain beautiful water quality. Each pool is pH balanced to ensure safe swimming and has commercial grade filtration systems. We also send off our water for regular microbiologiocal tests which always come back clear and free from any bugs and bacteria.

How warm are your pools?

All of our pools are heated to between 33C and 35C.

Is there free parking?

There are free parking options at all of our pools. Please visit our locate page for more info.