Frequently Asked Questions

What age can my baby start swimming?

We accept babies from birth. In fact the youngest we have seen is just 2 days old.


Can I start before my baby's first set of Innoculations?

Yes absolutely. There are no restrictions on when you can start, Check the innoculations web site here for more information.


I have a preplanned appointment or holiday and will miss a class or two what should I do?
If you can let us know prior to the start of the course we will always try to swap that class or make it up for you for free. If making up this will usually mean attending twice during one week.
What shoud my baby/child wear?

You will need a HUGGIES Little Swimmer, available from most good supermarkets for around £5 per pack,  as well as a neoprene Aqua Nappy. By using two nappies in this way it can help to avoid little accidents in the pool.

What is Early Pay and how does it work?

At week three of term we send out priority invites to all existing customers to the next term / level of swimming. If you decide to sign up within a set period of time (usually within 7-10 days) you can enjoy a £5 discount !

I swim elsewhere, can I still come to an Underwater Photoshoot with you?

Yes we accept children from ALL swim schools on our shoots.


What happens if I cannot make a class due to illness or an emergency?

This is always a tricky one. We have offered make up classes previously and in just one term had 400 requests (thats about 60 hours work !!!)  Our running costs remain the same wether you attend your classes or not and organising so many make up classes would inevatibly rase our prices. After lots of consultations with our lovely mummies and daddies we have made the painful decision to have an affordable price and offer free photography rather than offer make up classes. If on the other hand you have an appointment and we know in advance of the term we will happily reorganise this class or offer a make up class.


What is your cancellation policy?

Unfortunately all bookings with ILOVEBABYSWIMMING are non transferrable and non refundable so please make sure you take special care when booking your course. On the rare occasion that we can fill your space we may be able to offer an alternative. 


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